Wednesday, November 12, 2014


I was day dreaming about my fave seasonal beer earlier, Isolation Ale. Sinse NOW as I write this it is flowing through taps in many a growler store and bar in the Rocky Mountain area. Naturally I went to the Odell site and gaze upon it in all it's Ft. Collins glory. On a whim I checked jobs I then spied with my little eye the above screen shot. Naturally of course I'm REALLY tempted to turn in a resume and cover letter and roll the dice. Knowing my luck I'd get the job. Seriously it would not be the first time I got a job from two time zones away.

Someone told me that people in my line of work have a fantasy about leaving their field. To that I say who doesn't? Seriously show me anyone in most any job where they don't think working at the beach selling sea shells or towels (or a brewery doing warehouse work for that matter) When I worked in a bike shop which was great at times and at others I was out of my mind with the sheer drudgery of separating hubs. So why the hell not?

Well in my life I have learned that the grass is always greener metaphor. I moved to Colorado from a warmer climate before in November and although I ended up staying for 14 years those first few months were a bit chilly. It's fun to think about at the moment just the scramble to make arrangements to get out there would be monumental.

I did learn with my online research that once I get a bachelors in biology degree that I could apply to be a entry level brewer at most any place in the country. How does that grab ya? Me thinks that's just fine. Well it's a thought at least.

There is a definite chill in the air gonna to drop to below freezing here tonight. Imagine that Georgia is finally getting a little taste of winter. I sure could use some Isolation Ale from O'dells. I've said the same thing for the last five years wished for a Colorado or west of the Mississippi friend to stealthily send me some. Perhaps that's asking a bit much, I'll look into beer trading here in the near future.

I got plenty of other projects lined up. Maybe I'll go out and s/s once it warms up into the 50's tomorrow. Thanks for reading!

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