Monday, August 25, 2014

Ah hell I went and got busy.

I made it back from my WNC trip a few weeks ago and never made the time to put thoughts down here. As soon as i got back I had some shifts to pick up at work and then school started back. Above is one of the many pics I took on my trip. This is a lake located near the GSMNP on a road named the dragon's tail. I road i stumbled across just out side of Fontana N.C.

The trip was a blast. I found a great camping spot over in nantahala national forest off a river, did a nice hike over on small section of the Appalachian trail and did some rides over at tsali. All in all it was a good trip. I have minor gripes like the brewery/growler shop that would not fill my growler with beer and tried to convince me to buy a glass one (and ditch my stainless steel one) because the "beer tastes more fresher in glass" also this place did not sell food, and the parking sucked. Bummer, I had high hopes for that little place no names will be named just know it's located real near tsali. I'd like to post more pics and write more about the trip, I just lack time. In fact I'm WAY behind on my reading for school.

School is not bad...yet. It's rapidly going to start getting rough here soon. I'm back to my PRN schedule at work it just seems like every time I go to work something bad happens to me. I won't go into details here just once again going through doubts about my chosen profession. I've tried 3-4 times to transfer out of my department now, I just keep getting turned down. I think it's because of my limited schedule with school. I've seen how bad it can get at the job with the shooting several years ago now and the bad stuff that has happened as of late is just stirring up all those memories. These incidents don't hold a candle to the shooting it just convinces more and more each time bad happens to me that I'll get seriously injured or killed on the job. I deal with it as best as I can.

There ain't much else to say. Entries for the next few months will be few and far between. I was told I should instagram. Thing is that well I'm always leery of that kind of social media because there are certain people out there who let's say want to do me harm. It's not grandiose bullshit either. A few years ago I had a person I helped take care of stalk me and try to convince me to hang out with him & go to church with him. Which is funny after the first call. Not so funny when you have a dozen messages on your answering machine every night you work, have the cops talk to the guy and change your number.  I just know I have to keep going forward to get out of my crazy position in my job and I hope to move to a more sane area of the industry I work in. Anywho, school is a large factor in the lack of entries, huge time commitment there.

Oh and just cause sometimes you have to see pretty women, which there is an acute shortage in my life this past summer:

I'm around so don't worry. Thanks for reading.

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