Thursday, March 13, 2014

Spring break thoughts

I'm on spring break from school. This week I have done a whole lot of nothing. I thought of going to do a few days of camping then thought better of it as I saw the weather forecast. yeah I could have gone truck camping, I was not in the mood for it.

So I have just been sleeping late reading books with plots in them (not text books) and just being a general lie about. Now I have done some constructive stuff for school but it's been precious little.

This is not about school though. I do have a ton of random thoughts. First off it's what I have been listening to on my drives up to the A-T-L and down to the M-A-C-O-N. The macon drive is also and hour each way and I can only listen to work related pod casts for so long. I stumbled across some thing called the moth

The moth simply is live non-fictional story telling in front of a studio audience with out notes. Simply put it's and open mike spoken word. By now I have listened to hours and hours of this and have been pleasantly surprised by it. In fact I have thought on pitching a story to them. Those of you who know me, know I have no problem with being "on the mike" in front of people. From announcing for friends during their BMX freestyle shows in the 80's as teenager to teaching classes for the red cross to doing my father's eulogy. I can do it, I like the challenge of overcoming my own nerves in a mentally rough situation. Besides like most folks I like a good story.

I have believed in the spoken word format for a long time, it got solidified when I started picking up Henry Rollins spoken word gigs back in the early 90's. It was truly eye opening. I admit compared to most I am not that good a writer and really cannot spin a good yarn. Most of the stories I have lived to tell are full of misery and woe. I see the world through a prism that others should never look through. Thing is that I do have a story or two to tell, I keep up the writing here (it really helps out with nursing school BELIEVE me on that one) Perhaps that will be a summer project to work on getting a few stories down and honing one or two for such an endeavor.

I highly encourage my 3 readers to check out "The Moth"

especially if you have a new smart phone...ahem... SSK.

Speaking of stories and lying about I had a chance to watch TV (gasp) with older sister. I do this because it affords me an opportunity to once in a great while to talk to her about life unrelated to our mother. I don't mind talking about Mom but I tire of having nearly every conversation revolve around one person. That's neither here nor there.

We were watching a show about buying houses in Hawaii. I lived on Guam for a couple of years with a girlfriend (who was and still is fuckin' kick ass although she been way married for years now) the situations and scenery were similar. Naturally Big Sis asked if it was expensive to live on Guam. The answer was a resounding YES!

The conversation somehow got to what we drove on Guam which was the pragmatic Diahatsu Charade a low key grey and the very unreliable curse inducing Pontiac Fiero which was VERY purple. I hated the fiero and it cost us thousands of dollars and countless hours of wasted time. The fiero frequently overheated and caught fire a couple of times whenever I drove it I could swear I could smell an electrical burning. GG (Guam Girlfriend) loved that damn car though. Her loyalty to this car was borderline insane to me. I really could not understand it, she stuck by that damn car and once I nearly had her talked into selling it to our Philippine mechanic, who loved that car too, I suspect it was because the crazy haoles wanted to spend a fortune on the damn thing.

I had her talked into selling the car to him, we all were negotiating the price and GG was getting more and more shook up. Her voice was cracking, she kept holding my hand tighter and tighter then eventually my arm. We were close to the end when all the sudden GG leaps and throws herself onto the car's hood and screams "I love this car! We can't sell it fix it fix it please!!!" I cannot say this was unexpected GG was very passionate about certain things, unfortunately this shit box fiero was one of them. This brought selling the car to a screeching halt and also raised the price of fixing the car exponentially, since this mechanic was the only one on the island apparently that could fix and get parts for this damn car (this was just before the internet REALLY took off)

I truly loved GG deeply, we got the fiero fixed AGAIN. We did end up selling it eventually. GG did not have a flair for the dramatic but I have to admit that she was way cute in moments like those. I wanted to strangle her it's just that man I was laughing way too hard at the moment to do such a thing. Even now I am laughing out loud thinking about that moment in time. She was way funny, I never laughed that much with anyone.

It's a peak into the really good times in my past. It's a good story of good times which makes me think of a favorite song:


Love and hate was in the air
Like pollen from a flower
Somewhere in April time
They add another hour

I guess I better think up a way to spend my time
Just when I'm ready to sit inside, it's summertime
Should I go swimming or get a friend to hang around
It's back to summer, it's back to basics, hang around

Getting drunk out on the beach
Or playing in a band
And getting out of school
Meant getting out of hand

Was this your celebrated summer?
Was that your celebrated summer?
Was this your celebrated summer?

Then the sun disintegrates
Between a wall of clouds
I summer where I winter at
No one is allowed there

Do you remember when the first snowfall fell?
When summer barely had a snowball's chance in hell?

Was this your celebrated summer?
Was this your celebrated summer?
Was this your celebrated summer?

Do you remember when the first snowfall fell?
Was that your celebrated summer?

Husker Du

It's a tiny peak into the past to propel me in the future. Thanks for reading.

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