Sunday, August 25, 2013

Aug '13

I deeply apologize for not taking the time to write earlier but I have been "busier than a one legged man in an ass kicking contest."

-N.C. Trip

I'd post photos but really most were in the rain. The key word for the trip was WET. It rained a majority of the time and did not stop until I was headed south again. the trip was a fun experience but it could have went much better. Aside from the rain I had a problem with SOMETHING every day. If it was not running a bear out of camp it was a flat tire within one minute on the trail. If it wasn't a  flat it was a terrifying hour of having the truck stuck in the mud (Thanks Chris and Frenchie for helping me out). It was not a horrible trip. The camper shell provided a nice dry environment for the near constant rain. If I get a chance I'll post pics later. I did discover a very wonderful campsite while there. In the future I believe I may go ride Tsali next time. Not every trip can go smoothly, fun times nonetheless.


Almost immediately after the trip I started back to college. I have been back in for a week and a half now. I am busy with two big important science classes (Microbiology and A&P 2) I'm also waiting to hear if I made it into nursing school. Nothing on the nursing school front until late September at the least. I already have an exam coming up on Thursday for Microbiology. I'm constantly in one of my books it seems. I may regret saying this later but I like it like that. I have structure and a mission now, with those things in place it leaves less time for getting into mischief of some sort or another.

I have so much more to write but I got up early this Sunday morning to wrap up flash cards for my up coming Microbiology exam. Thanks for reading. 

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